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Strong Foundations from Decades of Experience
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Lanier Sand and Soil

Founder of Lanier Construction

Lanier Sand and Soil began decades ago, in 1953, as a family owned and operated construction company, Lanier Construction, in Millen, Georgia.

After we founded Lanier Construction, we had the good fortune of owning and still own and maintain one of the richest deep-bank sand properties in the United States, located near Columbia, SC.

Now we focus primarily on providing the best soil and sand products our customers require to begin and finish many of the same projects we once performed ourselves, as well as the products needed for manufacturing and other industries. We don't simply own a bunch of land and dirt - we understand our customer's needs - we've been there.

Because of this, we not only provide the finest raw and refined resources, but the advice and product testing you may need to complete most any project. And, we have certified CAT scales to help you with shipping load-weight accuracy and we also have bucket scales to aid carriers during loading.

To learn more about what makes our soils and sands (raw-to-certified) suitable for so many applications and construction projects please go to Products or contact us to request a quote or learn more about all we offer.

Do you need raw or certified sand, soils or blends? Let us know or give us a call at 803-796-9333. We have a staff willing to learn more about your project needs and desires - one time, big time or recurring. We will also help you manage most aspects of your resource allocation.

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