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Lanier Construction Road Paver

Lanier Construction, founded 1953 in Millen, Georgia, was one of the most sought-after construction companies because of our quality-of-work and customer-relations, and we provided the best we could offer our customers.

Prior, Marvin Lanier was a hauler (carrier) of aggregate sand and soil products. Later he formed Lanier Construction, a company providing concrete, construction and paving for roads, highways, interstates, as well as earthwork for other projects.

After acquiring the current property and associated mines near Columbia, South Carolina in the late 1970's, the company became more involved with providing sand and soil for a greater variety of industries and projects.

Through our customers, we began to learn more about their needs and began producing blended and certified products.

Where we were as a highly regarded construction company, we became a provider of quality natural and refined products.

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